Poedit is the perfect choice for translating WordPress


One of the largest users of Gettext today, WordPress uses PO files for everything: themes, plugins, WordPress core itself. With Poedit, you’ll be able to translate any part of it quickly and easily.

And the Pro version of Poedit comes with extra smarts: it understands WordPress themes and plugins. With it, you literally don’t need to know anything about the PO format, PHP source code or what not. With Poedit Pro, it’s as simple as it gets: point the app to your theme and let it analyze and prepare everything for you.

With Poedit 2, you don't even have to have a copy of the theme or plugin on your computer: just use FTP to connect to your WordPress server and do everything right there. Focus on making great translations – that’s what you excel in. Let Poedit worry about the technical distractions that it is good at.

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“I thoroughly enjoy using Poedit, used it to translate +40K strings for WordPress and WordPress related projects so far.”

— Egill Erlendsson, Automattic / WordPress.com

How does it work?

Poedit can handle any themes or plugins that are localization-ready. Most of the actively maintained ones are and the ones that aren’t are often easily adapted. WordPress has great documentation on localization.
Themes and plugins are carefully analyzed to understand their structure. After this, the PO file is created in the right place and filled with texts.
Everything necessary to extract the texts is put in place. Don’t worry about the technical mumbo-jumbo: gettext keywords, paths, settings, all that is taken care of to the maximum extent possible.
We keep an eye on popular themes and plugins to make sure Poedit has no trouble with them. Woo Commerce, Jetpack or any of the many many others, Poedit got it covered.
Updates are easy: just drop the translation into the updated sources, press Update and translate the new strings. No need to repeat work already done.
If anything slips through the cracks and there’s any problem, however small, help is just an email away.
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